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Caring for Your Lace Front Wig: Maintenance and Longevity Tips

Every wig enthusiast and professional understands the importance of caring for wigs. Especially lace wigs, caring for a wig helps simplify your styling process and preserve the wig for a long time. You wouldn’t have to deal with detangling or trying to keep your wig in shape early morning. It becomes a wear-and-go wig, and you will invest time and effort into other things.

Lace front wigs are popular among wig wearers thanks to their various advantages. However, it is more painful when you can use it longer. This guide will offer helpful tips for caring for your lace front wigs and extending their service lives.

Table of Content

  • How Do You Take Care Of A Lace Front Wig
  • How to Minimize Shedding when Using Lace Front Wigs?
  • How to Wear a Lace Front Wig—Without Damage
  • Where to Buy a High-Quality Lace Front Wig?
  • Conclusion

How Do You Take Care Of A Lace Front Wig

Reduce the Number of Washes

It is advisable that you reduce how often you wash your lace front wigs. Understandably, you want to keep it clean. However, washing them too often will wreak more havoc than any good. If it is your everyday wig, washing it once a week is only recommended.

Follow the Right Washing Procedure

While washing, it is also essential to follow the right washing procedures. Only use lukewarm water and avoid hot water. Next, apply shampoo and distribute it evenly with your fingertips. Rinse the shampoo off after a few minutes under running and squeeze out excess water.

Detangle Properly

You should make it a habit to constantly detangle your hair using recommended comb and brush. Do this often before washing, storing, and at night. Leaving your wig tangled for a long time will encourage breakage and affect the wig’s quality.

Wear a fabric or silk cap

Satin and silk are known to preserve the quality of your wig. You can opt for a silk cap; it will help extend the service life of your wig. This is because it reduces friction with its smooth surfaces, especially when you sleep at night. If you want to protect your lace front wig, it is advisable you buy a satin or silk cap.

Handle with Care

While caring for your wig, you must take extra caution. While you might want to treat it like your natural, excessive scratching and tugging can affect the quality of the wig. The base is made from sheer lace material; therefore highly delicate, and you would also want to handle it carefully.

How to Minimize Shedding when Using Lace Front Wigs?

Many issues are associated with using lace wigs, full lace, frontals or closure wigs. All these problems can be prevented with maintenance. The commonest of these problems is shedding. These are some precautions to take to avoid shedding:

  • Do not comb and style your wig while it is wet
  • Reduce the amount of hair product you apply to your wig
  • If you are using adhesive, ensure you remove it completely before washing
  • Avoid using hot water; instead, use cool water for washes
  • Follow the right combing direction; only comb from the tip to the root and not vice-versa
  • In addition, limit the amount of glue you apply to the hair knots. This will help prevent thinning and bald patches.

You can minimize frizz and tangles once you can follow these precautions.

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig—Without Damage

Secure Your Natural Hair

Wearing a lace front wig begins with preparing and securing your natural hair. Braid your hair to help create a flat base for the wig. However, if you have shorter hair, you can simply wrap it. Irrespective of your choice, the goal is securing your hair before adding adhesives. This part is important as it will help protect your hair and determine how secure the wig will stay on your head.

Use the Right Adhesive

Using the wrong glue can mess up the entire process, so you must use the right type of glue. Preferably, stick to using glues designed for lace front wigs. In addition, if you are using glue for the first time, do a patch test to check whether you are allergic to it.

Take Care of Your Hair

Take the maintenance process seriously, as it determines everything about your wig. If you wear the wig for long, you should follow routine care to keep it healthy.

Practice Gentle Removal Methods

You have to be careful with anything that concerns a lace front wig, from the installation to the removal. Take all the time you need to remove your lace wig. Ensure you use an adhesive remover before taking the wig off. Apply enough remover until you no longer feel any resistance; just ensure you are not damaging your skin and hair.

Where to Buy High-Quality Lace Front Wigs

The source of your wig determines whether you will be using it for a longer time. You need to understand price tag does not determine the quality of a wig. Before buying from any online store, check reviews from past customers. To help reduce the stress of getting a good wig supplier, you can buy from brands like Luvme Hair. You will have access to different types of wigs at affordable prices.


A lace front wig is a great addition to your hair collection. It has all the benefits you’d wanted in a wig. It offers a natural appearance, is breathable, and is not heavy on the head. In addition, lace wigs are designed to last for a long time; you just have to ensure it by following the proper care process. This article has provided maintenance tips to help retain it longer.

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