Choose The Ideal Party Dress Cut For Your Body Shape

Will you soon attend an event where you don’t want to go unnoticed, but you have doubts about what is the cut of the dress for your body shape? Doesn’t worry, then we’ll tell you what works best for you so that you look beautiful with your evening dresses such as prom tux.

There is an immense variety of party dresses in Guadalajara, but not all of them look as good as magazine models; a common dilemma when looking for a suit for us or the bridesmaid dresses that we want our friends to wear at our wedding. So that this does not happen to you, we explain the most appropriate for each case.

Body types and suitable cut

Whether you and your friends finished your studies and want to look beautiful in your graduation dresses in Guadalajara or are going to an event of this magnitude, you should look for something according to your figure. The most common forms are:

  • -Round (apple type): They are the girls who have a very small waist, round shoulders, a lot of volume in the abdominal area, and slightly thin legs. For them, the most successful thing is to wear dresses with an empire cut, that is, those with a natural, loose and elegant fall.
  • -Rectangular: They are women whose figure is seen with a straight line between the shoulders, waist, and hips. The most successful for them are lady-style dresses, that is, tight at the top and voluminous at the bottom.
  • -Triangular (pear type): The girls in this group are those whose shoulders are narrower than the hips, have a well-defined waist, a little bust, and somewhat thick legs, and look great in straight suits with V-shaped necklines.
  • -Hourglass: They are women whose chest and hips are in perfect harmony, with a fairly defined waist. For them, the tube cut or those tight-fitting suits are ideal.

Now you can guide yourself when choosing that dress-like suit to prom that will make you feel like a diva and special, so you never go unnoticed.

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