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Everything You Need To Know About Intimate Hair Removal

Season of sun, baths and… Intimate waxing? The ritual of shaving seems to happen every summer, although now, thanks to changes in fashion, it is no longer as sacrilege to ignore this custom as it was years ago. There are many techniques and varieties with which to remove body hair. We tell you about them so that you can choose consciously and know the risks if you opt for total hair removal.

Intimate hair removal has spread in recent times and is no longer just a female issue. Men have signed up for it and in fact it is one of the five most chosen by them (eyebrows, ears, feet, genitals and back).

For hygiene, comfort or aesthetics each one chooses what to shave and why. However, before removing the hair in that delicate part, either comprehensively or decoratively, with a blade, laser or wax, you should know what can be done or what is best avoided. They are valid reasons for both sexes.

Pros and cons to choose well

There are different hair removal methods, from classic systems to laser hair removal or pulsed light. Among the traditional ones are depilation with cold, warm or hot wax, depilatory creams and foams, and the typical razor blade. There is also electric hair removal. But which is the most recommended?

The use of Crystal hair eraser is the most effective and long-lasting method, almost definitive if done correctly. In this way, all the other processes that are going to be more temporary and that in the long term, in the short or medium term, are going to grow out of the hair.

The laser, efficacy and risks

If the specialists agree on something, it is that laser hair removal is one of the most appropriate methods to treat the intimate area. This procedure removes hair from the pubis, groin and perianal area permanently thanks to the light application of the laser.

One of the advantages of this type of crystal hair remover is that it prevents folliculitis. In addition, it has a longer effect than other traditional methods. It is true that they are areas in which, due to hormonal influence, there is latent hair that can be activated after a while… or never be activated. Therefore, to eliminate it completely, recall sessions will have to be held from time to time.

Of course, since it is a particularly sensitive area, more discomfort can be noticed when waxing, so it is advisable to work more slowly. Although we can take advantage of magic crystal hair eraser technology, since its sapphire cooling system achieves an anesthetic effect on the skin through cold and makes the session more comfortable.

Although it is a method that can be applied to anyone, avoiding it in those who are taking photosensitizing drugs such as some acne treatments, gastric protectors, antibiotics or anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. It is also discouraged during pregnancy and lactation, says the expert.

Do you prefer a traditional method?

As in tastes and colors, nobody has the final word. In intimate waxing there are also those who prefer the traditional. But just like laser hair removal, you should always keep in mind certain tips that will help you keep the intimate area risk-free and in good health.

1. Razor blades

They cut the hair flush with the skin, although you have to be very careful when doing it and, obviously, not share it with anyone. It should not be forgotten that misuse can cause ingrown hairs and the risk of infections.

2. Waxing

It can be done with hot or cold wax. It consists of removing the hair by pulling against the grain. Although poor handling can irritate or burn the skin. The most advisable thing would be to have it done by an expert person.

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