Spoo-Design Offers Stunning Quality Ouroboros Pentagram Necklace

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Beautiful and Amazing Ouroboros Pentagram with Cubic Zirconia, Alchemy Wiccan Necklace

The Ouroboros, which is regarded as the earliest allegorical symbol in alchemy, stood for the ideas of eternity and unending recurrence. The ouroboros underwent a journey similar to that of the sun. This unusual pendant features a dragon or a serpent biting its tail, both of which contain the key to life. Since ancient Egypt, the picture has been essential to numerous mythology and alchemy. According to Norse mythology, the world conflagration starts when the Midgard snake dies.

Women’s fine esoteric-occult silver necklaces are offered by Spoo Design. A five-pointed star with a clear zirconia crystal gleaming in the center hangs from a ring chain. The world serpent, or ouroboros, is entwined with the magical symbol, and five waves of the sea are spiraling around it.

There were numerous symbolic uses for this five-pointed star. It is regarded as the most potent representation of white magic and is meant to banish all evil, guard against supernatural forces, and symbolize life and health. It stands on two edges. The pentagram is a sign of the five senses and the five virtues of knighthood: frankness, camaraderie, purity, civility, and compassion, regardless of whether the two edges point up or down.

Spoo-Design’s 925 STERLING SILVER

With a fine silver chain or a little longer waxed leather strap, they can deliver the mystical talisman. Perfect for fans of Wicca (witches) or practical magic, and fits the Gothic aesthetic. Solid sterling silver was cast to create this charm pendant. Nickel or lead are NEVER present in genuine sterling. Our charms, pendants, earrings, and findings are solid silver, not silver plated, silver filled, “silver-colored,” “antique silver,” or sterling silver plating. They are marketed in our shop as STERLING SILVER. 925 SILVER — as in genuine, pure precious metal.

Here a serpent biting its tail represents humanity’s undeniable birth and death cycle. Designed with a high-quality STERLING SILVER base and a circular ring set with cubic zirconia. Combined with a robust, hypoallergenic Alchemy Wiccan chain necklace for wear comfort.


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