The Reducing Swimsuits And Bikinis For Women That Flatter All Silhouettes

The good weather is here and we are getting ready to enjoy the hours of beach, pool, sun, relaxation and fun that await us in these months. Like every season, we already have at your disposal the new trends and, above all, the most flattering designs and fabrics. Do you want to discover them?

Characteristics of our swimsuits and bikinis

A nice swimsuit is one that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and favored. And in this, fashion every year brings us more and more options. Shape-wear swimsuits and bikinis are now very trendy designs, and they use flattering fabrics and designs that completely distance them from that “girdle effect” that we had a few years ago.

Draping, prints, strategically placed lines, reinforcements in sensitive areas and the use of different color combinations manage to harmonize and favor all bodies.

Surely you have your favorite high waisted cheeky bikini or swimsuit, the one that year after year you want to continue wearing and that gives you a huge shame to have to renew. Lose that fear! Now you have models that will look really good on you, and with which you will look gorgeous.

What should the swimsuit or bikini have to favor you to the fullest?

Neckline: the asymmetrical necklines with inner foam reinforcement that are not noticeable focus attention on the shoulder area, while the sweetheart neckline is more flattering for women with a lot of chest. The V-neckline is another classic for these women, and the decorations and ruffles are more flattering for those with smaller chests.

  • Drapes and belts: they help to reinforce the abdomen area and mark the waist.
  • High back: In addition to helping to support the chest, it stylizes the contour.
  • Colors and patterns: Dark colors optically stylize, but we must not give up color! Combinations with prints of vertical lines, diagonal seams and small-sized prints will also brighten up your day at the beach or pool in the most flattering way.
  • Fabrics: Although the fabric with which reducing swimsuits are made is usually a little thicker, new technologies are achieving fabrics with increasing elasticity and lightness.

In our Kameymall store we have selected the most flattering models, which stylize the abdomen, flatter the chest and enhance your beauty, which are the most sought after season after season, in addition to having spectacular quality and prices. Do you want to discover them?

1- Klein blue and floral crossover reducer swimsuit

A vivid blue that flatters you, whether or not you’re a brunette, and a model that controls pressure in strategic areas will make you feel comfortable and ready for anything.

2- Night blue and floral reducing swimsuit

The beautiful printed sweetheart neckline combined with midnight blue gives elegance and joy to your bathing days.

3- Floral lines reducing swimsuit

The dark blue together with the bright colors of its crossed print on the chest and waist will make you one of the most original mermaids.

4- Jungle and black reducing swimsuit

You will feel like you just came out of the jungle with this cheerful and elegant model. Its side print instantly highlights your silhouette.

5- Navy blue and flowers gathered reducer swimsuit

Flowers are back in fashion, and in this swimsuit with an original pattern, they also have the perfect stylizing effect. In addition, with its reinforcement in the chest area, it will make you feel safe and comfortable.

6- White and red striped bikini with reducing rings

Color is also your ally! The simplicity of the white and red print with fine lines accompanies this bikini with a sweetheart neckline and wide bottoms that flatters everyone.

7- Black and white animal print reducing swimsuit

The strapless neckline marked with a black trim band adds extra elegance to this timeless model. The animal print does not fail.

8- Emerald Green Ruched Bikini Bottom

Combining the different parts of the bikinis allows us to always have something new. This reinforced front brief will match most of your favorite tops.

9- Floral and emerald green crossover reducer swimsuit

One of the trending colors, emerald green, is combined with the small floral print in crossed details on the chest and hips. Its wide straps give it extra support and comfort.

10- Night blue reducing swimsuit with floral lines

A flattering pattern with a V-neckline, and diagonal patterned seam detailing make this swimsuit a fresh classic.

Buy your swimsuits and bikinis at Kameymall

Year after year, reducing swimsuits and bikinis are the most sought after in our stores, because they are the most comfortable, flattering and, increasingly, in full trend.

If you have questions about this type of swimwear, do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors are specialists and will be able to advise you on the model that best suits you so that you can enjoy a summer 10.

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