A Stunning and Gorgeous Jewelry Artist Megan-Marie

Megan-Marie is a renowned jewelry designer that specializes in high-end, expertly created jewelry creations. Her line of lavish 14K gold chains, the “Althea Collection,” has been released. She made each chain in this series by hand. But the feature she adores the most is how these chains can be customized to fit your particular body type and sense of style.


Megan-Marie is a gold jewelry designer who also holds a doctorate in physical therapy. She is a first-generation American who hails from the sleepy Boston suburbs. While she enjoyed playing sports, her passion for jewelry developed when she was in her mid-twenties and was looking for a creative outlet.

The Amazing Althea Collection of Jewelry

The “Althea Collection” offers extremely adaptable chain designs that may be changed to meet the needs of any customer. The Hera Chain, The Dria Chain, The Klio Chain, The Ares Chain, The Circe Chain, The Astraia Chain, and The Helios Chain are all included in the collection. The mythological Greek god Helios, who represents the sun, served as the inspiration for the Helios Chain, according to Megan-Marie. The organic texture of the chain is designed to imitate the Mediterranean Sea on a sunny day. When put together, it creates a crisp, contemporary line. She wanted it to feel airy and opulent yet relaxed and welcoming.

Megan-Marie’s Althea Collection with Unique Design

The majority of jewelry is currently created utilizing computer design tools for generic mass manufacture. When making chains, in particular, Megan-Marie uses less prevalent traditional fabrication and lost-wax casting techniques. In other words, every item Megan-Marie creates is handcrafted, including the gold and the hard wax.

For an artist who employs wax techniques, they are like fingerprints. Her chains couldn’t be duplicated because I own the original artwork and concept, not anyone else.

Megan-Marie’s Gold jewelry Categories and Althea Collection

The “Althea Collection,” which draws inspiration from natural textures and forms, includes bespoke luxury 14k solid gold chain designs. The collection strives to reinvent and modernize the frequently seen jewelry designs from Greek mythology. More chain patterns will soon be available, and Megan-Marie handcrafts each piece of jewelry to best fit each client’s specifications.

  • Hera Chain
  • Dria Chain
  • Klio Chain
  • Ares Chain
  • Circe Chain
  • Astraia chain, Helios Chain


She has created distinctive, timeless pieces using traditional methods and workmanship with contemporary luxury design. With these unique chains, you may adjust the length and clasp of your very own necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Throughout the upcoming season, keep an eye out and follow along as Megan-Marie publishes additional styles that are suitable for everyone.

Each handcrafted chain in the Althea Collection is unique in terms of length and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet by both men and women. The 14k yellow gold links were handcrafted and will be put together specifically for you. The length of assembly will be as similar as possible to what you asked.


The length of each piece is carefully chosen to suit your personality, style, and natural characteristics, whether you’re seeking for a new accessory to wrap around your ankle, wrist, neck, or all three. That is what genuinely distinguishes Megan-constantly Marie’s expanding Althea Collection as something special.

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