newborn baby gifts


When a baby is born, you have to welcome it as it deserves. Both friends and family make a gift to show their support and happiness to the parents.

Are you in this situation and do not know what to give? Next, we give you several ideas for newborn baby gifts Malaysia and that you are sure to hit the mark.

1. Warm sleeping bags

A great gift idea for baby gifts Malaysia is a cozy sleeping bag. This option is great if the little one is born in the fall or winter, so that parents can use it in the months around the baby’s birth.

When the colder months approach, babies need to be much protected so as not to catch a cold. Apart from being warmer than blankets, they are much more comfortable for them, they will have the whole body covered and they will not slip.

2. Footprint frames

This idea is the most original! It consists of small kits to put the baby’s feet and hands in a mold of liquid plaster or any other material. When it dries, the memory of the size of its limbs will remain forever. Don’t you think it’s a cool idea? It is a super nice memory that parents will love.

3. Original pacifiers with a funny message

Although it may seem like a very ordinary gift, parents will always appreciate having extra pacifiers for their newborn baby. In addition, the pacifiers that we have on our website are super original. They are personalized pacifiers with funny phrases that will surely bring a smile to anyone who reads it. For example, we have the pacifier ‘May the force be with you’, the pacifier ‘Smile, I’ll invite you’, or the pacifier ‘I’m the prettiest (and you know it)’.

Apart from these examples, you have other pacifiers to choose from in our online store. All of them have an incredible softness and elasticity thanks to the latex nipple, which will be familiar and comfortable to babies (since the touch is very similar to the mother’s breast).

4. Birth set

With a set of several pieces you will look great, since you will give several very practical things and parents will love it. For example, our 3-piece set from the Juliana brand. This set is from the spring-summer collection and is made up of leggings, a hood and a tricot knit sweater in powder pink with a fabric ruffle collar and flower print.

5. Personalized items

Buying a blanket, shawl, bib or any other newborn item and personalizing it with the baby’s name is a very original gift that will not go unnoticed. Hasn’t it happened to you to go down the street and see a newborn with her name on any of her clothing or other items? To us yes. We think it’s funny to know the name of an unknown baby (and think of bass, look how cute, and his name is Jaime (for example)).

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